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Maggie Gee, Platinum Author

How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Hosting Company

Do you have a WordPress Website? Do you sometimes feel you would like to change your Hosting Company, but you’re not sure if you could do this?

I found myself in this quandary not so long ago. Yes I was able to manage my own WordPress website without much bother, in fact I’d go so far as to say I am now pretty much an expert in this!

So when I approached HostGator, to see if it would be a simple matter to change over I found there were many things I needed to do, and to understand, if I were to go ahead to change over by myself. I was concerned that I might do something ‘stupid’ and mess up my site completely – Heaven forbid!

I kept on reading, and HostGator did have a link that you could click whereby they said they would do the transfer for me … then I read on and there was a lot more to this than I first thought. Oh dear, not more problems!

So there I was back in the same quandary as before, and no further forward.

But, then I asked Steve Dutton if he would kindly do the transfer for me – and without any hesitation Steve said yes, he would. Fabulous!

The change-over took much less time than I expected, and all went according to plan. Best thing was, I didn’t have to “do” anything myself – all I did was sit and wait a day or two while all the transfer transactions went through.

Steve's HelpSo without any hesitation I would recommend first contacting Steve Dutton if you are thinking of changing to another hosting company. And – not only that, but when I checked out Steve’s new webpage, I found out that this is not the only thing Steve can do to help. He will tackle most problems for anyone who only needs to ask! First rate guy.  Take a quick peek, here now

I’d really like to know from anyone who has spoken to Steve, and has asked for his help. So please leave me your comments below. Thank you!

‘Till the next time






Beginners Internet Marketing Questions Answered!


Today I have an important message to all Newbies and Beginners to the exciting world of Internet Marketing.

How to annihilate that dreaded word ‘Overload’ forever!
Personal Tuition with an Experienced Internet Marketing Coach

So, you’re a would-be Internet Marketer, although the manuals keep telling you it’s “simple”, you keep coming up against a brick wall…

You have got loads of questions, needing loads of answers… Continue reading Beginners Internet Marketing Questions Answered!

Earn Money Online Month After Month – Over and Over again!

The Big Question… How can you earn money online month after month – over and over again?

Yes, I’m sure you are now saying to yourself:  “Yeah, right! I’ve heard that one before!”

But please bear with me here. This really is no ordinary money-making scheme. This is NOT some get-rich-quick rubbish you see promoted out there on the Internet all the time.

You may have already heard of Jo Barnes; the girl who started online only a few years ago. Continue reading Earn Money Online Month After Month – Over and Over again!

The Secret to Profiting from an Online Business

Author – Maggie Gee

How Techie do you need to be to start an Online Business?

If you imagine that you need loads of techie knowledge and years of experience before you can run your online business, then think again…

There’s that old saying: we’ve all got to start somewhere – and my word, how true this is!

My own personal story is that I started with very little computer knowledge; I could just about send an email, but I didn’t know how to send a picture, or a document with that email; I could write a letter and even print it out, and I had some very basic experience using a computer at work – but certainly I had no idea what a ‘browser’ was, or how to go about getting anything ‘online’.  I had no idea what a ‘domain’ was; I had no idea what a ‘URL’ was… I was probably the world’s most ‘computer-illiterate’ person out there!

And yet, after a (very) few hours watching some videos, it all began to sink in, and I started to understand a few things…

The most essential element to anyone’s online business, is to have a good mentor – someone you can really trust, and someone who will not ‘sting’ you for your money and only give you a little bit of information.  You need ALL the information, not just bits and pieces.

My mentor was, and still is, Chris Farrell, and I became a member of the CFM – the Chris Farrell Membership site.

Chris Farrell also started right at the bottom – he also knew nothing about internet marketing – and he seemed the right sort of guy to ask for help.

I’ve found this video on YouTube, and I reckon Chris would not mind my sharing it here on my blog.  It’s an interview with Chris, and in it he explains exactly how he himself started out in this exciting business.

Chris tells how he (a non-technical Internet marketing newbie) turned his own learning into a seven-figure online business.  If you have just over seven minutes to spare, then it may well be the best seven minutes you have spent!

Click on the video below, and enjoy!


Please watch the video, and leave me a comment below.
I’d really like to know what you think.,

Till the next time

Chris Farrell Membership Site – is this Simply Another Scam?

Chris Farrell began online in 2008.  He was a complete newbie.

He came with no previous online experience. Within 6 months – he was having many $250/days. Within 9 months he had his first $1000/days.

Then within a few more months Chris launched the CFM – the Chris Farrell Membership Site.  Chris Farrell Membership is a private, members-only website that will teach you the skills needed to make money online.    Continue reading Chris Farrell Membership Site – is this Simply Another Scam?

It’s Almost the End of Another Year, and What Have You got to Show for it?

Sorry – I didn’t mean that to come out like that! But what I did mean, is:
How much of your Internet Marketing dream have you achieved this year?

Think on this: Would you like to “Smash your wage-slavery job into Kingdom come” ?
Of course you would – and so would anyone else for that matter.

How to improve your Copy

So – how is your copy? Are you giving your potential customers something worth having?
Don’t be afraid to give them “what for” if you’ll pardon the phrase.
Be bold; be presumptuous, be assertive, be anything you like, but be sure to grab their attention, and Keep It!!

If you are going to sell something online, you are also going to have to write copy. And to be effective your marketing needs to scream at your customers: “Look! I’m different from everyone else! Choose me!”
As the old saying goes: You can’t judge a book by its cover.  But it’s certainly true to say that you can sell your book by its cover!

First impressions do count, and to get round your dubious, sceptical, and downright suspicious readers, you need to… Continue reading It’s Almost the End of Another Year, and What Have You got to Show for it?

Time Management for All

Where do the days go?  This is what everybody is saying – time marches on faster and faster.
Why is this? Remember when you were a youngster playing outside all day – time seemed endless. It was an eternity ’till your birthday, or Christmas, came round.  But now… well it’s a totally different story…

I know this subject has been around for millennia-plus, but then again it’s still very much of NOW. So, as more and more of us find ourselves living a hectic lifestyle, we need more than ever to have good time-management techniques built into every part of our lives. None of us has the luxury to waste any of our valuable time.

This sounds a little over-kill, but if you waste your Time, you’re wasting your Life! There are only 24 hours in a day. Spend this time wisely. We cannot ‘bank’ our time; we have to use it as best we can.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your Time…   Continue reading Time Management for All

A Must-See Video from Keith Everett

Here’s an excellent short video from my good friend Keith Everett.

Did you know that you need to upload two essential plugins to your WordPress site, otherwise people who attempt to view your website from their IPads or IPhones are not able to see your site properly?

Take a look at the video now:

That made it very easy indeed…  so thank you Keith!

Till the next time,

Who is Chris Farrell – What Does He Do?

Not so long ago I was overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck. I’d purchased several ‘guru’ products that promised to give me online success, but soon discovered each one to be pretty much worthless. They were either totally over my head, or they gave only some of the information I needed to actually make money online.

So there I was – NOT making any money.   I’d totally lost sight of the Dream;  I was not enjoying this internet ‘thing’ and it certainly wasn’t giving me any freedom.   The dream of having the ‘internet marketing lifestyle’ with its freedom and ease, and making the big bucks was quickly fading away.

But this is a couple of years ago – things have changed dramatically for me since I met a certain Mr Chris Farrell.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

This morning I logged into the IM Report Card, and there before me was the following…   Continue reading Who is Chris Farrell – What Does He Do?

Improve your income with pay per lead affiliate program

Written by guest contributor Kavin Matthews

Pay per lead affiliate programs are one of the best ways of online marketing. This type of affiliate marketing generates fast cash and is one of the safest ways of income, without any obligation to the advertiser. Those who sign up for the pay per lead affiliate programs, get a fixed amount of payment for the new prospective clients that sign up for the services offered by the merchant company.    Continue reading Improve your income with pay per lead affiliate program